was born on an autumn day in the sixties, in Bruges, Belgium. She is the daughter of soprano and opera singer Georgette Cooleman and artist painter and scenographer Fernand Boudens.

She grew up in an artistic atmosphere, participating the professional life of her family in the areas of opera, fine arts, concert life, theatre and ballet.

She combined academic studies in history and art history with a private training in fine arts techniques by her father.

She obtained her Master Degree in History with high distinction. Meanwhile she specialized in interior history and design, fashion history and costume design, handmade textile techniques and, last but not least, floral styling.

As a freelance stylist, she enjoys designing theatre costumes, handmade fashion and interior accessories (under her label LA SCALA DI SETA), creating interiors, styling settings for magazines, event-styling and floral decoration.
Her profound love for nature is expressed in a timeless less-is-more-style, always looking for sustainable solutions in the whole range of her activities.

As a consultant, she helps people to create their own living and working spaces.
Less house, more home. Her coaching programme HAPPY LIVING is a feel-good-concept inspired by the Scandinavian way of life.